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Thank you for visiting our Art Appraisal Research Center, where we compile some of our research for our clients to take a look. We include artist signatures, information on art periods and movements, and much more. If you are looking for more information on having an appraisal done or our advisory services, please visit our main website

At MIR Appraisal Services, Inc., our research methods are tailored to meet the purpose and function of our various advisory and appraisal services, including our numerous written appraisal reports. If you are looking to establish insurance coverage for your artwork, you will need a report that determines the retail replacement value of your items, because this is the value you would have to pay to repurchase the same items in today's market. If you want to sell your item, you will need to learn the fair market value of your objects, in order to present the appropriate asking price to a potential buyer. Consulting with our team of art appraisers and researchers will further point you in the right direction.

Artist Signatures

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Full List of Signatures
Discovering an artist’s signature is a strong lead to uncovering the authorship of a piece of art. Beyond style, theme, brushstroke and medium; a signature is the artist’s claim to the piece of art, a claim so important that artists frequently imbed their autograph in the main body of the painting. The signature is so important that some professionals devote their entire career to simply retrieving and verifying the authenticity of such a signing. Forgeries abound, so it is wise to do your research and seek out proper experts who deal with authenticating signatures.
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A - B
  • Agam, Yaacov (Israeli, b. 1928)
  • Appel, Christiaan Karel (Dutch, 1921-2006)
  • Archipenko, Alexander (Russian, 1887-1964)
  • Arribas, Venancio (Spanish, b. 1954)
  • Arensen, F. (c. late 19th, early 20th Century)
  • Baj, Enrico (Italian, 1924-2003)
  • Barnes, A.L. (c. 20th Century)
  • Bates, Katherine Lee (American, 1859-1929)
  • Beinke, Fritz (German, 1842-1907)
  • Bernelt, L. (Continental, 19th Century)
  • Berthon, Paul (French, 1872-1909)
  • Bierman, Joe (American, 20th Century)
  • Blatas, Arbit (Lithuanian, 1908-1999)
  • Bos, Henk (Dutch, 1901-1979)
C - D
  • Calder, Alexander (American, 1898-1976)
  • Carlsen, Dines (American, 1835-1932)
  • Carmen, Greta (American, c. mid 20th Century)
  • Chagall, Marc (Russian/French, 1887-1985)
  • Chahine, Edgar (French, 1874-1947)
  • Chaput, Roger (French, b. 1909)
  • Chelminski, Jan Van (Polish, 1851-1925)
  • Cheret, Jules (French, 1836-1932)
  • Cilfone, Gianni (American, 1908-1990)
  • Collomb, Paul (French, 1921-1998)
  • Copeland, Alfred Bryant (American, c. 1840)
  • Dali, Salvador (Spanish, 1904-1989)
  • Darasse, Georges Paul (1855-?)
  • Dardari, Alfano (Italian, 1924-1988)
  • Defregger, Franz von (German, 1835-1921)
  • Dennis, Roger Wilson (American, 1902-1996)
  • Duckworth, Ruth (American, b. 1919)
  • Durer, Albrecht (German, 1471-1528)
E - H
  • Eastman, Frank Samuel (British, 1878-1964)
  • Erte (French/Russian, 1892-1990)
  • Fachinetti, Carlo (Italian, 1870-1951)
  • Finster, Reverend Howard (American, 1916-2001)
  • Greenman, Frances C. (American, 1890-1982)
  • Gruppe, Charles Paul (American, 1860-1940)
  • Goya, Francisco de (Spanish, 1746-1828)
  • Haddon, David W. (British, 1884-1914)
  • Hancock, John (American, 1737-1793)
  • Harbart, Gertrude (American, 1898-1999)
  • Hecht, Marcia (American, 20th Century)
  • Henri, Robert (American, 1865-1929)
  • Herve, Jules Rene (French, 1887-1981)
  • Holland, Thomas (American, 1917-2004)
  • Chi-Chung, Hu (Chinese-American, b. 1927)
  • Hulsmann, Henry (German/American, 1849-1930)
I - L
  • Indoni, Filippo (Italian, 1800-1884)
  • Inness, George (American, 1825-1894)
  • Jacquet, Gustave Jean (French, 1846-1909)
  • Jarvie, Robert R. (American, 20th Century)
  • Kahn, Olivia (American b. 1920)
  • Kavanagh, Joseph Malachy (Irish, 1856-1918)
  • Kinson, Francois (Belgian, 1771-1839)
  • Kouge (Japanese, 20th Century)
  • Krawiec, Harriet (American, 1894-1968)
  • Krawiec, Walter (Polish, 1889-1982)
  • Lattes, Georges (French, 20th Century)
  • Legrand, Louis (French, d. 1951)
  • Lennon, John (English, 1940-1980)
  • Lingeman, Lambertus (Dutch, 1829-1894)
  • Livingstone-Strong, Brett (Australian, b. 1954)
  • Lorjou, Bernard (French, 1908-1986)
  • Lundgreen, Karl Emil (Danish, 1884-1934)
M - O
  • Maik, Henri (French, b. 1922)
  • Manet, Edouard (French, 1832-1883)
  • Maurer, Louis (German, 1832-1932)
  • Max, Peter (German/American, b. 1937)
  • McLeod, C. (British, 19th-20th Century)
  • Mintz, Harry (Polish/American, 1907-2002)
  • Miró, Joan (Spanish, 1893-1983)
  • Moore (American, 20th Century)
  • Mouillion, Alfred (French, 1832-1886)
  • Mucha, Alphonse (Czech, 1860-1939)
  • Munoz-Ramos, Alvar Sunol (Spain, b. 1935)
  • Neillot, Louis (French, 1898-1973)
  • Neiman, LeRoy (American, b. 1927)
  • Olendorf, William (American, 1924-1996)
  • Olinsky, Tosca (Italian/American, 1909-1983)
  • Orchardson, William Q. (Scottish, 1832-1910)
P - S
  • Palmer, Pauline (American, 1867-1938)
  • Philipp, Robert (American, 1895-?)
  • Picasso, Pablo (Spanish, 1881-1973)
  • Portoles, Gabriel (Spanish, b. 1930)
  • Quizet, Alphonse (French, 1885-1955)
  • Ramsey, Milne (American, 1847-1915)
  • Rauschenberg, Robert (American, 1925-2008)
  • Rembrandt (Dutch, 1606-1669)
  • Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (French, 1841-1919)
  • Rockwell, Norman (American 1894-1978)
  • Rubin, Hilda (American, 20th Century)
  • Saito, Kiyoshi (Japanese, 1907-1997)
  • Sanjuan Tarre, Bernat (Spanish, 1915-1979)
  • Saudek, Jan (Czech, b. 1935)
  • Schaeffer, Henri Alexis (French, 1900-1975)
  • Svendsen, Svend Rasmussen (Norwegian, 1864-1945)
T - Z
  • Tengelin-Winge, Hanna (Swedish, 1838-1896)
  • Teniers II, David (Dutch, 1610-1690)
  • Toffoli, Louis (Italian, 1907-1999)
  • Tokuriki, Tomikichiro (Japanese, 1902-1999)
  • Tompkins, Frank Hector (American, 1847-1922)
  • Tyler, Alice Kellogg (American, 1866-1900)
  • Uzilevsky, Marcus (American, 20th Century)
  • Vaserely, Victor (French, 1906-1997)
  • Villon, Jacques (French, 1875-1963)
  • von Grutzner, Eduard (German, 1846-1925)
  • Walters, George Stanfield (British, 1838-1924)
  • Washington, George (American, 1732-1799)
  • Whistler, James McNeill (American, 1834-1903)
  • Whitney, Louisa (English/American, 1819-1883)
  • Yeisen, Keisai (1789-1851)
  • Zwick, Rosemary (American, 1925-1995)

Fine Arts

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Old Masters
An inexact but still helpful term, 'Old Masters' is a versatile label that refers to European artists and artworks stretching from the Renaissance until the beginning of the 19th century. The term can be applied to the artist or the piece of art itself depending on the context...
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European / American 19th Century Art
Frequently spoken of as extending from the French Revolution in 1789 to the outbreak of World War I in 1914, this epoch is characterized by many interesting and distinct artistic movements emerging during this time...
View European / American 19th Century Art »
Modern & Contemporary Art
Modern art is most famous for its intentional thoughtful break with the past artistic traditions of Europe. Its time period runs approximately from the middle of the 19th century to 1970...
View Modern & Contemporary Art »
Religious Art
Although the key imagery for each religion varies somewhat, the purpose of the artwork remains the same. Artists of the past and present strive to create beautiful works of art that honor their beliefs, tell the story of their faith, and attract others’ attention to the power of their chosen religion...
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Judaica & Israeli Art
Early collections of Judaica consisted mainly of Hebrew texts and books collected by Jewish bibliophiles and Christian Hebraists interested in the Jewish language and culture. This manner of collecting expanded in the 19th century with collections of Jewish ceremonial objects...
View Judaica & Israeli Art »
Islamic, Iranian & Middle Eastern Art
Islamic art is a term used to describe art influenced by not only the Islamic religion but the Islamic culture; but it does not always always pertain to religion. Islamic “high art” is noted for its iconoclasm, avoiding strong symbols that represent any particular reign, state or dynasty...
View Islamic, Iranian & Middle Eastern Art »
Asian Art
Representing a massive continent, the term 'Asian Art' describes a vast variety of art forms produced by people of many different cultures. The artwork of Southeast Asia for example is much different than art found in Korea or Japan because of its own unique history and environment, but is often grouped together because of its distinctly non western characteristics...
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American Indian & Ethnographic Art
American Indian tribes are generally known for their pottery, mythological paintings, jewelry, weavings, sculptures, basketry, beadwork and carvings. The design motifs and materials vary depending on the setting of the tribe, but all generally convey a deep reverence for and knowledge of the beauty of nature.
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Decorative Arts

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A general term for ancient items that date from before the Middle Ages, antiquities are especially identified as items from civilizations along the Mediterranean Sea. A term popular during the scholarship of the Early Modern period, the expression has fallen out of style because of its inexactitude...
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Victorian & Art Nouveau
An era named after the English Queen Victoria who reigned during the era, the Victorian style was popular in England from the middle of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th. The paintings frequently feature images of everyday life with a strong emphasis on melodramatic moral crises that seem to accompany a life lived outside of the rules...
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Arts & Crafts
Primarily an Anglo-Saxon movement that developed during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the work strove to revive the crafts techniques for construction that were on the verge of disappearing with the advent of industrialization...
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Art Deco
A decorative style popular in the United States and Europe during the 1920s and 30s, Art Deco stems from a style popularized by the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925...
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Mid-Century Modern
A style developed and employed from the mid 1930s to the middle of the 1960s, Mid-Century Modern describes a particular style of architecture, product design and interior design. Revolutionizing the common shapes and materials of homes and furniture, Mid-Century Modern drew from various avant-garde and modern movements, often employing minimalist tactics and avoiding excessive ornamentation...
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Memorabilia & Collectibles
Memorabilia and collectibles can range from sports autographs, political paraphernalia, movie and television souvenirs, military objects, magazines, and almost anything else commemorating or celebrating an event or time period. There is almost no end to the objects that can be collected; the only limit is the collector’s interests...
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